خدمات الصيانة وادارة المرافق للمنازل والمنشآت السكنية والتجارية




AZHAMNI Group was established to keep up with the development and rising of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia market and to participate in achieving the goals of effective and sustainable community development and serving the members of society from all categories.

AZHAMNI Group is known for its diversity of activity and its quality is not compromised. It is a result of long experience in the Saudi and international markets. Its activity exceeds the Saudi borders to contribute to the rising of the country, raise the efficiency of performance and the quality of services provided to get the confidence of the client and community, which is not easy to get because confidence is not instantaneous.

Our group included the most important construction, contracting and entrepreneurship activities in view of the continuous growth and development of the Saudi market, which requires development and innovation in the services provided.

All sectors and branches of the Group are considered pioneering and specialized in the sector in which they operate, and each department has confidence in the market and the field it serves. Together we established this group because we are together stronger and we will always be.



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